About Us

We work towards minimizing gaps in the social periphery in Israel

The Yedidut Toronto Foundation, founded by the Friedberg Foundation has been operating in Israel since 2008. The Foundation is a greenhouse for developing innovative, professional and effective models for closing the gaps within populations in the social periphery. The Foundation initiates partnerships with government offices, municipalities, NGOs, the business community and philanthropists from Israel and from around the world, with the goal of bringing change as well as integration of the models into the Israeli public sector.

Our main areas of interest are:
education and employment, children and teens at risk, safeguarding, single-parent families and advancing emotional well-being

How do we operate?

Identification and mapping
We focus on identifying gaps in the social security infrastructure that is provided by the state and by NGOs. After we identify the gaps, we map out current solutions in the field.

We develop innovative and effective models for needs that we identify as lacking solutions in Israeli society while concentrating on their sustainability over time.

Implementation by partnering with NGOs and/or government ministries that run projects based on the models we developed or by directly providing the services to the beneficiaries.

Integrating the models into the Israeli public sector

Measurement and Evaluation
With our outlook of ensuring sustainability, all of our projects are measured and evaluated in order to ensure the effectiveness of the model.