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הפרויקטים החדשים בהם אנחנו מתמקדים בימים אלה

Advancing Emotional Well-Being

Kol Achat

Helping single-parent families increase their income from both salary and the exercise of their available rights.


Career 21

Multi-disciplinary employment guidance and training for career development, which imparts knowledge, skills and innovative thinking skills that meet the needs of modern-day employers


The Makam Institute

Culturally-sensitive, comprehensive guidance and counseling, provided by a team of occupational psychologists, to ultra-Orthodox and religious young people to help them choose a profession and plan their careers

Advancing Emotional Well-Being


Assistance and guidance for impoverished families, to promote economic and employment-related stability



Guidance and direction to ultra-Orthodox men and women who are pursuing degrees in STEM fields, and integrating them into quality positions at leading high-tech companies

Children and Teens at Risk


Innovative models of intervention for young parents who are at-risk, toward creating optimal environments for their children to develop normally