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What We Do

Since making Aliyah, many people, just like you, have not achieved their financial and employment goals. Low paying jobs, loss of income and the collapse of small businesses in Covid added to existing challenges and have created a real distress for families and individuals. If debts have accumulated and the pressure is increasing, there is something to be done to get out of the situation! With a flexible and customized plan you can stop the spiral and return to a path of growth and balance.

How Does it Work?

The program includes coaching and training in three main areas:


Stopping new debt, accessing all rights benefits, debt recovery and balanced budget management, finding additional sources of income.


Maximizing earning capacity, providing help and skills to reintegrate into the workforce in a suitable and rewarding profession.


Strengthening, empowering and supporting the needs of the individual, and recruiting the whole household to the task of change.

Who is This For?

The program is suitable for individuals or families who have the motivation and readiness to bring about the change and get out of the situation they found themselves in.
Hundreds have already upgraded their lives, now it's your turn.

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