General Background

Girls in Haredi high schools who come from low socio-economic backgrounds often have challenges earning good grades or achieving passing scores on matriculation exams or other college-admissions tests. Their chances of being accepted to higher-education programs are therefore limited, along with their chances of building successful vocations or careers in the future. The situation perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of their daughter’s need for tutoring, or are unable to afford it.

Target Population

Haredi high school girls in grades 10-12, who come from low socio-economic backgrounds and who need extra educational attention in order to pass the exams for post-high school education

Vision and goals

Haredi high-school dropouts will receive independent, unconditional guidance about their future careers, and will become part of educational frameworks designed to provide them with solutions: emotional, educational and spiritual


Areas of Interest

Additional Projects