Sviva Betucha

סביבה בטוחה - לוגו שקוף

General Background

In Israel, one in six children, boys and girls, are sexually assaulted by the time they turn 12. The vast majority of these children do not report the abuse immediately, if ever. The danger primarily lurks in a child’s normal environment: about 85% of sexual assaults are committed by a person familiar to the child, such as a family member, teacher, babysitter, summer camp counselor, neighbor or another child from the same school or activities. To prevent such abuse, it is important to both stop such assaults and to treat children who are already traumatized. Prevention of child sexual assault requires, first and foremost, teaching basic precautionary measures to children, developing and normalizing safe discourse with them, helping to build each child’s confidence in his or her body, and teaching children that their bodies are their own and only they can decide what happens to their bodies.

Target Population

Children in grades 1-6

Vision and goals

Safe environments where the educational and social climates protect children from sexual abuse