General Background

Of all Israelis with academic degrees in high-tech fields, only 3% are ultra-Orthodox. Of the 311,000 people employed in high-tech, only 2.9% (around 9,000) are ultra-Orthodox – and less than 100 of them are university graduates. At the same time, Israel’s high-tech industry is suffering a shortage of skilled manpower. It is estimated that around 18,000 positions need to be filled, and that 30% of those recruited are people with academic degrees but no experience.

Target Population

Men and women from ultra-Orthodox populations who wish to study in a pre-college academic preparation program in fields related to science and technology, toward earning bachelor degrees and finding jobs that will allow them to join the high-tech sector as experienced and educated professionals.

Vision and goals

To break the religious glass ceiling in the high-tech industry by integrating men and women from ultra-Orthodox communities into leading companies and quality jobs.