El Hanefesh

תכנית אל הנפש

General Background

For children and teenagers who have been diagnosed with emotional difficulties, receiving effective professional treatment early on can significantly improve their ability to deal with and prevent at-risk situations and reduce their functional disabilities in the future. Many children and teenagers who suffer from emotional difficulties are not diagnosed and do not receive necessary support due to a lack of awareness by the family and/or their educational environment or because of the financial costs of the treatment.

Target Population

Educational staff in religious and Haredi institutions, and students in Grades 1-12 in those institutions, who are struggling with emotional difficulties.

Vision and goals

El HaNefesh aims to promote a supportive and therapeutic educational environment for religious and Haredi children and youth who face emotional difficulties, and to develop a model which will identify relevant students and provide them with professional treatment as early as possible.


Areas of Interest

Additional Projects