Young Parents at Risk


General Background

כמיליון צעירים בני 18-25 חיים כיום בישראל וכ-20% מהם הינם צעירים בסיכון. אוכלוסייה זו מאופיינת בחסר של משאבים חומריים, עורף משפחתי חלש, נעדר או פוגעני, חסר במודל חיובי לחיקוי, קושי בביסוס קשרים בינאישיים מיטביים, חוסר בחיבור לרגשותיהם, הערכה עצמית נמוכה וקושי במימוש זכויותיהם. לרוב הורים צעירים המצויים במצבי סיכון, יינשאו לבני זוג במצב דומה, ותתקיים העברה בין דורית של המצוקה והקושי לדור הבא.

Target Population

Young parents at-risk, ages 18-35, with children ages 0-3, who are in their first pregnancy.

Vision and goals

To have positive influence on young parents who are at risk, during the young parenting stage which is the critical period of human development

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between three foundations: Toronto Foundation, Bituah Leumi – the fund for the development of services for children and teens at risk and the fund for demonstration projects.
The goal of the initiative is to develop new intervention models for young parents who are at risk. Within the framework of the initiative, 15 different intervention programs geared to varied populations and a broad geographical distribution will operate throughout the country.

Goals of the initiative
  • Building and strengthening parenting capabilities among parents at risk
  • Creation of the optimal parental environment for the proper development of their children
  • Promotion of proper cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of their children

Within the framework of the initiative, accompanying and independent research will evaluate the variety of intervention models and will produce, at the end of the process, a summary report that will qualify the quality of different intervention models. It will also map out the process of change that was experienced by the families that participated in the initiative.

Work Plan

For each program that is participating in the initiative, there are specialized work plans that are based on the following operating principles:
Integration of therapeutic treatment and knowledge-based parenting workshops for families in distress
Personalized intervention programs for the specific needs of each family
Integration of individual and group therapeutic treatments
Encouraging collaboration between services, existing programs, and the families

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