Umka D’Liba

לוגו עומקא דליבא

General Background

A study conducted in ultra-Orthodox educational institutions revealed a lack of content, creativity and investment in teaching the core values and concepts of Judaism, resulting in many youth feeling spiritually and personally disconnected. It became clear that the causes behind the drop-out phenomenon from these institutions were behavioral or spiritual. These problems called for new, relevant solutions, suitable for addressing the spiritual challenges faced by ultra-Orthodox youth.

Target Population

Students in grades 9-12, teachers in ultra-Orthodox yeshivot and girls’ seminaries, and teachers in high schools for at-risk youth within the ultra-Orthodox school system.

Vision and goals

Building students’ deep connection to Jewish values, Jewish beliefs and the Jewish community, by training teachers to change the content and methods of the education they provide on the fundamentals.

Umka D’Liba aims for schools to invest more resources into the fundamental principles of Judaism, and to give those core values and beliefs a more central place in the curriculum. Most importantly, teachers and other educational staff in the schools must deepen their own knowledge and develop more effective, professional methods for planning lessons.

Umka D’Liba develops educational content by involving educational organizations or agencies that “speak the language” of baalei teshuva (Jews who were raised nonreligious and chose Orthodoxy later in life) to develop content that is appropriate for youth who grew up ultra-Orthodox.

Additionally, Umka D’Liba provides professional development for teachers, training them to deliver the content: familiarizing them with the ideas, teaching lesson-planning skills and providing tools for inspiring, meaningful lessons.

Currently 37 boys’ and girls’ high schools participate in the program, from across the spectrum of ultra-Orthodox schools in the Education Ministry’s ultra-Orthodox track: well-established yeshivot, girls’ seminaries, Chabad yeshivot, Breslov yeshivot, yeshivot in the chardal (ultra-Orthodox Zionist) sector and more.

Do You Want to Join Us?

To involve your school in the program, contact the superintendents of the Ministry of Education’s Ultra-Orthodox school system.

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