The Makam Institute

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General Background

The labor market as we know it is rapidly changing. Globalization, market demands and technological developments are accelerating change. This poses challenges to hiring managers and employees, as there is a steady increase in demand for mature staff who can handle both uncertainty and dynamism. Studies show that when one forms an “occupational identity,” one can more effectively manage one’s career.

Target Population

Men and women from ultra-Orthodox and National Religious/Modern Orthodox backgrounds, who seek personal guidance and consultations with industrial psychologists who have expertise both in the needs of today’s labor market and in the religious and haredi communities.

Vision and goals

The Makam Institute aims for the full realization of the potential inherent in every individual, as well as positive socio-economic changes on the community level. We strive to help members of the target audience acquire career guidance, diagnostics and decision-making skills at career crossroads.