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General Background

The labor market as we know it is rapidly changing. Globalization, market demands and technological developments are accelerating change. This poses challenges to hiring managers and employees, as there is a steady increase in demand for mature staff who can handle both uncertainty and dynamism. Studies show that when one forms an “occupational identity,” one can more effectively manage one’s career.

Target Population

Men and women from ultra-Orthodox and National Religious/Modern Orthodox backgrounds, who seek personal guidance and consultations with industrial psychologists who have expertise both in the needs of today’s labor market and in the religious and haredi communities.

Vision and goals

The Makam Institute aims for the full realization of the potential inherent in every individual, as well as positive socio-economic changes on the community level. We strive to help members of the target audience acquire career guidance, diagnostics and decision-making skills at career crossroads.


The Makam Institute collaborates with other organizations that provide career guidance to young people, with the goal of promoting evidence-based diagnostics and practices. Each year we serve thousands of participants. We have worked with employers in the private sector, colleges and universities, organizations and government agencies.

Makom offers a screening program and five programs for diagnostics and consulting:

  1. Full Consultation Process: Choosing a Profession: In-depth assessment and ongoing guidance. Includes three sessions to help the participant formulate an occupational identity, identify his or her motivations, skills and needs, and learn decision-making tools.
  2. Targeted Guidance: Identification of the participant’s skills and inclinations. Includes one diagnostic meeting and one for personal consultation that helps pinpoint a fruitful career path.
  3. Career Management Consulting: A session with a psychologist to help the participant organize his or her own thoughts on their own abilities and needs, identify challenges and explore employment opportunities.
  4. Professional Counseling: In-depth assessment and ongoing guidance, including counseling sessions with flexibility on content, including exploring one’s occupational identity, experiences in the world of work, motivations, barriers, needs and abilities, and learning decision-making skills regarding career changes.
  5. Choosing a Profession Workshop: The workshop helps up to 25 participants choose fields of study that are suitable for each. It focuses on self-knowledge of one’s skills, interests and attributes, and acquaints participants with the worlds of higher education and employment.
  6. Hiring Processes: Works with companies, organizations and institutions to construct and implement an employee-selection process that is both culturally sensitive and adapted to the employer’s needs. Includes processes for screening, building a candidate profile, testing, interviewing, using assessment centers, group dynamics and decision-making.


Do You Want to Receive Services From Makam?

Please note that scholarships are available for those who are eligible.
For more information and to schedule a meeting, call 077-801-3016 or write to [email protected]


As the coronavirus pandemic is changing our world, we are offering a program of in-depth personal assessment, guidance and personal counseling with occupational psychologists, all adapted to those in the religious and ultra-Orthodox communities. The services are performed via a remote meeting platform; meeting times are coordinated between the participants and the counselors.

Note: for a limited time, we are offering a significant subsidy for this service.

Do You Want to Receive Services From Makam?

Please note that scholarships are available for those who are eligible.
For more information and to schedule a meeting, call 077-801-3016 or write to [email protected]

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