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General Background

The multidimensional Headway program that was created in 2012 aimed to develop self-sufficiency among working poor families. The program serviced 1000s of families throughout the country. As a result of its overwhelming success, the Israeli Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services adopted Headway in 2018. In response to the financial crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, Yedidut Toronto adapted the Headway program to address the needs of families in situational poverty. Individual, marital and family tension intensify their financial challenges. Similar to the initial Headway target group, these families need support, guidance and assistance to help them find employment, gain financial stability and improve their family dynamics.

Target Population

Families in which the unemployment of one or both of the partners in the past few months has led to financial distress. The family needs to demonstrate commitment to undergo the intensive process.

Vision and goals

The Headway program strives to assist both working poor families and families suffering from situational poverty. The program helps them to find appropriate jobs, manage their household finances, maintain a balanced budget, and build healthy family relationships.

Families are guided through a 6-month to 1-year process by a professional case manager. Using the Headway intake form and family work chart, the case manager helps each family create a customized plan that is tailored to their needs in three focus areas:

Finances: reducing the gap between income and expenses, managing the family budget, identifying priorities, creating a recovery plan, managing debts, and exercising rights to any benefits for which the family is eligible.

Employment: identifying earning capacity and opportunities for advancement, providing support and skills for reintroduction into the labor force and tools for maintaining employment stability.

Family Dynamics: Strengthening and empowering the family unit, and mobilizing family members to cooperate in the change process.

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