Haredim B’Akademia


General Background

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis who attend college or university are more than twice as likely as members of the general public to drop out: 46% of haredi men and 28% of haredi women abandon their academic studies (compared to 20% of men and 12% of women in the general population).

Target Population

Ultra-Orthodox men and women

Vision and goals

The program seeks to create a large, high-quality pool of academically-trained haredim, who will contribute to the socio-economic welfare of the haredi community and of the state of Israel.

The Haredim B’Akademia program seeks to:

  • Recruit, screen, assess and support ultra-Orthodox students who are pursuing higher education, assist them in completing their studies and thereby reduce the ultra-Orthodox dropout rate from a variety of institutions and fields of study. We provide them a holistic variety of supportive services, including financial scholarships.
  • Assist new graduates in their transition to employment. Through workshops and other services, we help students identify their career interests, decrease their cultural biases, and provide guidance that is in tune with the 21st-century labor market.
  • Create a model for guiding academic institutions toward retention of their ultra-Orthodox students. We maintain regular contact with the institutions and provide training for their staffs.
  • Build collaborative efforts and encouraging the sharing of resources among government ministries and non-profit organizations, toward higher quality education and employment for Haredim.


Haredim B’Akademia is currently supporting and guiding around 1,000 students, who are enrolled in 35 institutions of higher education and pursuing 50 different fields of study.

In total, around 4,000 students and alumni have participated, of whom 47% are in the fields of science or technology.

The program has been extremely successful in dramatically lowering the dropout rate, to just 21%. A full 79% of our participants successfully enter jobs that require a degree, compared to just 67% of the general population. The average monthly salary of our male program graduates is 3,500 NIS higher than that of haredi men who do not participate. Each year, our graduates add about 650 million NIS to Israel’s gross national product, and 100 million NIS to the state treasury.

Additional Information

Entrance to the program is now closed. For more information contact [email protected]

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