The Yedidut Toronto team consists of a diverse, talented and motivated group of people with one common vision: to create practical implementable solutions to unmet social needs within Israel’s population.
Our departments are staffed by professionals from diverse fields: development, research, technology, finance, management and fieldwork.
Creative, innovative, thorough and flexible – our people lead crucial social projects with a sense of mission, deep caring and commitment.

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Professionalism - Uncompromising professionalism is a key value in our activities. In each of our interest areas, we seek to provide professional solutions backed by extensive research. In order to produce quality products, we set a high standard for learning; for developing precise, data-driven work processes; and for advanced organizational infrastructure.


Results Orientation - Our success is based on results, so we work constantly toward them. To reach our specific objectives, we operate through connections in and familiarity with our fields of action and professional environments, and are committed to working through planned, structured logic models.


Innovation - Our work is based on groundbreaking social entrepreneurship powered by curiosity, creativity and “outside the box” thinking. Flexible thinking and fruitful brainstorming lead to effective and unique solutions.


Engagement - We believe that cooperation, connection and teamwork are the basis of our success. We strive to maintain a pleasant atmosphere, positive attitudes, mutual respect and opportunities for personal development – so that each one of us can contribute their best.


Accountability - Above all, we value reliability and fairness; they ensure the fulfillment of our goals of efficacy and sustainability. Therefore our team acts responsibly and with transparency vis-à-vis our partners, beneficiaries and each other.

YT ההנהלה

_TOM2318 (1)-min
Moshe Schapiro
Michael Shumacher
_TOM2845 (1)-min
Natan Kandler
Deputy Director-General
Zeev Kessler
Yael Blitz
Director of Policy Promotion
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Lital Gilad
Director of Human Resources
and Project ‘Sviva Betucha’
Reut Gershon
CPA and Accountant
Tzofia Haddad
Director of
Project ‘El Hanefesh’
& Project ‘Muganot’
_TOM2411 (1)-min
Shaltiel Sebban
Director of Partnerships & Government Relations
_TOM0020 (1)-min
Naomi Shmulevitz
Director of Public Relations
& Project ‘Kol Achat’


_TOM3042 copy (1)-min
Avishag Aharoni
Director of Budget and Purchasing
& Deputy Accountant
_TOM2230 copy (1)-min
Haim Beinash
Director of Overseas Finance
Miriam Birnbaum
Chief Director of Accounts & Salaries
_TOM2775 copy (1)-min
Moshe Bender
Director of Software Development
_TOM2481 copy (1)-min
Ayelet Tapiero
Professional Director, Content and Digital Development
& Project ‘Pniniot’
_TOM3126 copy (1)-min
Hanna Yamin-Sherki
Director of Project ‘Orim’
_TOM2875 copy (1)-min
Michal Yanay
Director of Content and Digital Development
Project ‘Pniniot’
_TOM2275 copy (1)-min
Naama Cohen
Director of Project ‘Kidum’
& Project ‘Heznekim’
_TOM9670 copy (1)-min
Naomi Movsas
Web Creator
Sari Pollock
Web Creator
תמר צוקרמן, מנהלת תכנית 'קידום' ותחום אסטרטגי תכנית 'אורים'
Tamar Tzuckerman
Web Creator
עדינה שוורץ, מנהלת תחום הערכה ומדידה
Adina Schwartz
Web Creator