The program for
financial and employment empowerment
has been launched!

How can we help?

So many families just like yours have suffered financially because of the Corona crisis.
Being laid off, losing revenue and closing small businesses have hit us hard, and we’re all feeling the stress.
But there is hope.
Even if you have gone into deeper debt, and even if the weight on your shoulders has increased, we can help you figure out how to make your way out of your situation.
Our program is designed to help to middle class families whose employment and well-being has been affected by the pandemic and to help overcome feelings of being overwhelmed to get back on track.

How does it work?

התכנית כוללת ליווי והדרכה צמודים בשלושה תחומים עיקריים:


Paying off debts, exercising your rights and accessing your benefits, rebalancing and managing your budget, and finding additional sources of income.


Finding ways to upgrade your job or find a new one, and helping you reintegrate into the workforce.


Empowering each family member and strengthening your abilities to work together to reach your family’s goals.

Who is eligible?

This program is for families with children among whom at least one of the heads of household has suffered occupational downgrades due to the corona crisis.
Both adults (or, in the case of one-parent families, the one adult) must be ready and willing to make changes and go to effort to overcome their situation.
We have already helped hundreds of families return to prosperity and growth. Why not you?

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